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Digital & Digital Plus Multifocals

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Digital Multifocal Lenses - replacement lenses

Digital Multifocals

Freeform Technology

Lenswap Digital Multifocal is a top tier free-form multifocal lens design that has significantly reduced peripheral distortion (compared to traditional multifocal lenses).

Our digital multifocal lenses reduces the traditional peripheral distortion in a traditional standard multifocal by also including prescription, frame and user measurements to calculate and generate a customised, personalised lens for comfortable clear vision.

Each point on the lens surface is also compensated to provide the best possible visual quality and performance.

Digital Plus Multifocal Lenses - best replacement multifocal lenses

Digital Plus Multifocals

Freeform + Digital Raypath Technology

Digital Plus Series is our top of the range family of lenses created by combining complex curves on both surfaces of the lens together with digital ray path technology to calculate & provide the best vision correction with a multifocal lens.

Digital plus multifocal lens features a unique, continuously changing front and back surface curvatures of the multifocal lens & further expands the reading zone with further improved peripheral vision compared to the digital design.

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