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Digital Multifocal Range

designed by IOT, represents a pinnacle in multifocal lens technology. These lenses incorporate the cutting-edge Digital Ray-Path® design, providing a premium solution for individuals seeking superior optical performance and comfort.

Key Features and Benefits Digital Ray-Path® Technology:

At the heart of the Digital Multifocal range is the Digital Ray-Path® design. This advanced technology uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize the lens surface at every point, accounting for the wearer's prescription, frame parameters, and visual behavior. The result is unparalleled visual clarity and reduced peripheral distortions.

Personalized Vision: Each Digital Multifocal lens is custom-crafted to the unique visual needs and lifestyle of the wearer. This personalization ensures that the lenses provide sharp, clear vision across all distances, whether for reading, computer work, or driving. The precision of Digital Ray-Path® technology allows for a seamless visual experience, tailored to individual requirements.

Enhanced Visual Comfort: The design of the Digital Multifocal lenses significantly reduces visual aberrations and unwanted astigmatism. This leads to less eye strain and a more comfortable wearing experience, especially during prolonged activities. The lenses also feature a smooth transition between different focal points, making them ideal for dynamic, modern lifestyles.

Advanced Materials and Coatings: The Digital Multifocal range offers a selection of high-quality materials and advanced coatings. These options include anti-reflective coatings, blue light filters, and UV protection, enhancing both the durability and functionality of the lenses. These features contribute to overall eye health and improved visual comfort in various lighting conditions. Wide Field of Vision: Thanks to the precision of Digital Ray-Path® technology, the lenses provide a wide, clear field of vision. This is particularly beneficial for activities requiring sharp peripheral vision, such as sports and driving. The technology ensures that even the periphery of the lens offers excellent visual clarity.

Sophisticated Aesthetics: The Digital Multifocal lenses are designed not only for performance but also for aesthetics. They are available in a variety of thin, lightweight materials that enhance the overall appearance and comfort of the eyewear. This makes them a stylish choice for discerning users.

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