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Office Progressives

Wide reading & computer zone with less distance zone.


office lenses for near and intermediate vision wide field of view,

What are Office Lenses?

Office progressive lenses are an excellent choice for individuals who spend a significant amount of time working on computers or performing tasks at intermediate distances. By prioritizing the intermediate vision zone and providing a smooth transition between focal distances, these lenses offer clear, comfortable vision for office work while reducing strain on the neck, shoulders, and eyes.

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Benefits of Office Lenses

Office progressive lenses, also known as office lenses or occupational lenses, are specialized multifocal lenses designed to meet the visual demands of individuals who spend a significant amount of time working on computers or performing tasks at intermediate distances. These lenses provide optimized vision for near and intermediate distances, making them an excellent choice for office work or any activities that require clear vision in the intermediate range.

Office progressive lenses differ from traditional multifocal lenses in that they prioritize the intermediate vision zone, which is typically the area of focus when working on a computer or reading documents on a desk. While traditional multifocals provide a balanced distribution of near, intermediate, and distance vision, office progressive lenses allocate a larger portion of the lens for intermediate vision, ensuring enhanced clarity and comfort for desk-based activities.

The key benefits of office progressive lenses include: Expanded Intermediate Zone: Office lenses offer a wider and more defined intermediate vision zone compared to traditional multifocal lenses. This allows wearers to see their computer screen, keyboard, and other office materials with optimal clarity, reducing eye strain and fatigue associated with prolonged computer use. The expanded intermediate zone provides a more natural head and neck posture, enabling a comfortable working position.

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Wider Near Zones

Smooth Transition: Similar to other multifocal lenses, office progressive lenses have a gradual transition between focal distances, ensuring a seamless shift from near to intermediate vision. This design minimizes any visual disruptions or abrupt changes, providing wearers with a smooth visual experience throughout their workday.

Near Vision Capability: While the intermediate zone takes priority, office progressive lenses still include a near vision area for reading printed materials or focusing on objects at a closer range. This allows wearers to comfortably switch between different tasks without the need to remove or change glasses. Reduced Neck and Shoulder Strain: Office lenses promote a more ergonomic working posture by optimizing the intermediate vision zone. With clear and comfortable vision at intermediate distances, wearers can maintain a natural head position while avoiding excessive neck and shoulder strain caused by constantly adjusting their posture to find the correct focal point.