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Lens Material Options

Lens Indexes : 1.5 to 1.74 Explained


New Lenses For Glasses & Sunglasses in Australia, Fitted in Melbourne.

Standard Index (1.50)- Function & Affordability:

Recommended For Less Than +/-2.50 Prescriptions.

Standard index lenses are typically the most affordable option, making them suitable for budget-conscious customers. Durability: These lenses offer good durability and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Blue Light Glasses Lenses for computer use - Replacement lenses for existing frames

HIVEX (1.56) - Impact Resistant:

Excellent optical material with high refractive index, high abbe number, low specific gravity and high impact resistant are traits of Hivex.

Mid-Index (1.60) - Balanced Thickness and Affordability:

Recommended For Less Than +/-4.00 Prescriptions

Mid-index lenses strike a balance between lens thickness and cost. They are thinner and lighter than standard index lenses, providing improved aesthetics and comfort. Prescription Flexibility: Mid-index lenses are suitable for moderate to high prescriptions and offer better optical performance compared to standard index lenses.

High-Index (1.67) - Thinner and Lighter:
Recommended For Less Than +/-7.00 Prescriptions

High-index lenses are significantly thinner and lighter than both standard and mid-index lenses. They provide a sleeker, more attractive appearance. Comfort and Aesthetics: The reduced lens thickness of high-index lenses makes them comfortable to wear and minimizes the "bug-eye" effect often associated with strong prescriptions. Frame Compatibility: High-index lenses work well with a variety of frame styles, including rimless and semi-rimless designs, where thinner lenses enhance the overall look.

Ultra High Index (1.74) - Maximum Thinness and Lightness:
Thinnest Available

Ultra high-index lenses offer the highest level of thinness and lightness, ideal for individuals with extremely strong prescriptions. Sleek and Invisible Appearance: Due to their minimal thickness, ultra high-index lenses provide a nearly invisible appearance, giving wearers a natural look and reducing the distortion caused by thicker lenses.
Enhanced Comfort: Ultra high-index lenses significantly reduce the weight of the glasses, offering exceptional comfort even for those with high prescriptions.