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Premium Lens Replacement For Your Eyewear.

Get new glasses & sunglasses lenses for your existing frames. Lenswapspecialises in affordable quality prescription & non-prescription lenses fitted in Melbourne.

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New Blue Light Filtering Lenses For Glasses for computer use in Australia, Fitted in Melbourne.
Reglaze & reuse your existing frames

Rediscover the beauty in your own frames.

Did you know Millions of frames are thrown away each year in Australia?

When you choose LENSWAP™️ you contribute to the reduction of waste, carbon emissions and resource consumption associated with producting new frames.

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Sunglasses Lens Replacement

Find new lenses for your own frames at Lenswap Australia. High-quality Sunglass lens replacement, giving your old frames a fresh new look with high-quality lenses. Upgrade your eyewear now.

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Lenswap Melbourne

Lenswap Melbourne

The service is definitely 5 star! I recommended all of my friends
— Jessie L.